Fully automated trading software

What is Algo-Bot.Trade?

The Algo-Bot is an absolute userfriendly application tool that allows you to increase your profits, while having access and being able to manage your investment 24/7. Downloading and setting up the application is very simple and done via well-known messenger application telegram.

How to start ?

How to invest ?

How does the Algo-Bot work?

The Algo-Bot is a semi-automated trading software, assisted by our professional trading team that operates on various financial markets, acting absolutely without any emotions and is supported by special functional indicators. Thereby, earning profits are additionally maximized by event- and knowledge-based trading.

How simple is the application and settings?

The Algo-Bot is designed for an absolute easy use. This userfriendly interface allows you to access your investment and earning profits at any time. Simply connect via telegram to our bot and follow the instructions. The telegram software will guide you through, if any help needed, please refer to your sponsor or the support.

How much profit can be earned?

According to various market fluctuation, no fixed profits can be guaranteed, because these are not only dependent on our trading software and strategies, but also on the terms of the markets. Of course, we try to generate most out of the markets. 

Is the Algo-Bot for free?

Yes, the Algo-Bot will be provided to you absolutely free of charge. The taxation of your profits is in your own responsibility. The profits of the Algo-Bot and its developers refer exclusively to a profit sharing of the total deposit. Our clients are not required to pay any additional fees or costs.


Getting started

Please start the Bot via given reflink of your sponsor. Our bot runs on the well-known messenger application telegram, following you can manage your investment and enjoy daily profits.


Sharing is caring and additionally earning

Share the Algo-Bot with all your friends and earn additional passive income. You participate in all investments of your community up to three levels deep.


Easy and completely free of charge

The simple and self explaining user interface offers a navigation menu and is free of charge for anyone to use. Without any extra costs for using it.

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